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D-Niederkassel – Ruhige Möblierte Wohnung – Renoviert mit Gartenblick

Zimmer - 1 Pauschal Miete - 950 Euro Garage zzgl. - 120 Euro
Kaution - 1900 Euro Bezugsfrei ab 10.12.2018 Mindestmietdauer - 3 Monate
Wohnfläche - 45 qm Etage - 2 Etagenanzahl - 3
Möblierung - Ja Nichtraucher
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Case Study – Package tracker start up

About the customer – is a brand new start up from Hamburg solving the problem of tracking the exact location and status of important items that have been posted or sent by courier.

Background –

Having established the company and obtained initial funding, evertracker were searching for a reliable partner to provide the software solution to...
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Case Study – Business Intelligence for a Telecom Company

About the customer -

A leading telecoms provider in Germany providing mobile and fixed line services to the ‘smart buyer’ segment. This customer has consistently been voted best operator in Germany in their service segment and are widely acknowledged for their highly innovative methods in software delivery.

Background -

Following the launch of a new IT stack, the...
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The importance of quality in Nigeria

Quality has a lot to do with perception and expectation. If you visit a website and have to click the refresh button 5 times before the page starts loading, or you switch on the light switch and the bulb doesn't light up, are you bothered? It depends on your expectations. My parents, who live in...
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