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Case Study – Package tracker start up

Case Study – Package tracker start up

About the customer – is a brand new start up from Hamburg solving the problem of tracking the exact location and status of important items that have been posted or sent by courier.

Background –

Having established the company and obtained initial funding, evertracker were searching for a reliable partner to provide the software solution to support their business objectives.

Okpako consulting was selected because we were able to demonstrate competence in all the technology areas that were required

“After the first meeting with Okpako consulting we were convinced they were the right partner to help us deliver our solution on time with the quality we were looking for.
We have just gone online with the alpha version of our product and I can say we certainly made the right choice. They are fast, professional and have high quality standards. We plan to continue working with Okpako consulting in future as our company and product continue to grow.”
– Marc Schmitt, Co-Founder Evertracker

Goals –

Integrate the tracker device: Build a  java based online webservice interface between the server and the tracking device. Via this interface, information is obtained and the device is controlled.

Backend system, website and mobile app: Design and build the application with a fully modular (OO) structure with internal interfaces between the different components.

Provide support: Launch alpha test phase with real customers as soon as possible. Ensure continued customer support and enthusiasm by responding to change requests extremely quickly.

Implementation –

Following the agile approach, we created a product backlog together with evertracker. The objective was to get the product into evertrackers customers hands as soon as possible. The user stories were prioritized to ensure that the minimum viable product would be ready within just a couple of weeks.

An online interface between the evertracker proprietary tracking device and the back end system was built with the corresponding web front end and mobile android app.

Evertracker immediately gave the device and platform to their customers and we moved into task force mode, quickly adapting the product to the customers needs on a daily basis. In parallel, the product backlog was developed according to the user stories that were were observed in the live environment.

Location based services has been a hot topic over the last few years. With this project, Okpako consulting has once again shown that we deliver high quality results using the very latest technology.

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