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Case study: congstar GmbH

Case study: congstar GmbH

About the customer:
Congstar is a subsidiary of German Telekom providing mobile and fixed line telecom services to the ‘smart buyer’ customer segment. Congstar has consistently been voted best operator in Germany in their service segment.

Time to market for new products is paramount in the German mobile market. Congstar noticed very early that they would not be able to react to the market fast enough using traditional software development methods and decided to shift to scrum, an agile delivery model.

– Have much shorter software delivery cycles, reducing from 3 months to 3 weeks
– Reduce costs by incremental delivery approach and direct involvement of user departments in the entire SDLC
– Improve quality by fully automating regression tests and automating the entire deployment process.

All stakeholders were trained in the technical and soft skill requirements for Agile delivery. An initial establishment of two scrum teams involved embedding experienced coaches in the teams. Following the initial successful implementation, a further 9 teams were added, all receiving ongoing coaching until a steady state and uniform quality was achieved across all teams.

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