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Top quality software using agile methods

Team Coaching

If you have taken the decision to switch your software delivery model from waterfall to an agile methodology, you will need to make more than just organizational changes.

A much higher level of automation in the deployment and testing processes are needed. Preparing your teams for the change means getting them ready for a completely different way of stakeholder interaction. Okpako consulting has years of experience preparing organisations for the change and then participating in the transition process by coaching key actors in essential best practices. We have experts in most automated deployment (continuous integration) and testing frameworks, and we have years of experience working on agile projects in some of Europe’s largest organisations.

Typically, we support the process by acting in a dual role; by joining the scrum teams as active members while at the same time coaching different roles within the team.

To find out more, take a look at the congstar case study.

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