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  • Business Intelligence – a Case Study

    Business Intelligence – a Case Stu

    About the customer – A leading telecoms provider in Germany providing mobile and fixed line services to the ‘smart buyer’...

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  • Crowd Testing

    Crowd Testing

    Unfortunately, users will discover critical bugs on the live system, regardless of how well we test ahead of launch. Using...

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  • Software Quality

    Software Quality

    Organizations are well aware of the importance of quality in today’s global market. But the requirement to deliver changes very...

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  • Team Coaching

    Team Coaching

    If you have taken the decision to switch your software delivery model from waterfall to an agile methodology, you will...

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  • Case Study: Telekom Austria

    Case Study: Telekom Austria

    About the customer: Telekom Austria is the largest mobile and fixed line operator in Austria. As an incumbent former state...

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